Reasons To Withhold Visitation

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Keepin' It Real #2: Withholding Visitation The fact that the other parent doesn’t have a separate bedroom for the child is a frequent reason why parents choose to refuse visitation. However, the lack of a separate bedroom isn’t an appropriate reason to refuse visitation.

Parents may be single for a variety of reasons — some are voluntarily so … the other parent also maintains some form of …

There are those things which we fully intend to get to, but for this or that reason just don’t seem to get around to … …


Your Options. Depending on the reason you want to withhold visitation, you have a couple of options. If your ex shows up at your door to pick up your child and he’s visibly intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, you don’t have to allow your child to get in the car with him.

Some of the reasons why a custodial parent may withhold visitation from the other parent include: retaliation for the non-custodial parents actions; Feeling slighted or angry after the divorce has been finalized; Not believing the non-custodial parent is capable of caring for the children

However, in her statement, Jenelle says the reason Barb is withholding visitation for her and Jace is because she’s bitter …

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