How To Clear A Clogged Ac Drain Line

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Easy Way to Get an AC Drain Line Unclogged Your air conditioning … drain pan is overflowing, its electric pump could be malfunctioning. This pump is supposed to carry …

To prevent this from happening, pour a cup of bleach in the access opening in the drain line near the AC unit to kill any algae, mold, or mildew that has formed in the pipe. If the condensation line is clogged, you will need to use a shop vac …

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2016-05-13  · Every home with a central AC unit has a drain line to carry condensation outside the home. But mold and mildew can clog that pipe and cause major issues.

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2011-09-25  · This is a no mess technique to clean your flooded /backed up ac condensate drain line with an inexpensive wet vac attachment out our new …

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