Do Heated Blankets Cause Cancer

Sources of ELF-EMFs include power lines, electrical wiring, and electrical appliances such as shavers, hair dryers, and electric blankets. radiofrequency radiation. The most common sources of radiofrequency radiation are wireless telecommunication devices and equipment, … Cancer Causes & Control 2003; 14(8):715-720.

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Household appliances such as heating pads, electric blankets and mattress covers, plug-in hair dryers, computers, and coffeemakers all generate electromagnetic fields (emfs), invisible lines of force that surround electrical equipment, power cords, and power lines.

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Then the feelings of exhaustion due to lack of sleep made everything feel worse, turning into a vicious cycle,” says Kimberly …

2000-11-10  · Continued. The lack of a connection between breast cancer risk and electric blankets might seem a bit of a surprise, in light of recent reports about the potential danger of cell-phone use.

Otherwise avoiding overdressing while you sleep or using a heavy blanket apart from addressing alcohol … Taking food supplements and herbs, especially when they do not target the cause of the …

What Is Your Electric Blanket Doing To YOU! There is disagreement about the effects of ELF fields, but Mercola suggests that the extended exposure to these fields that accompany the use of electric blankets may cause negative health effects, including an increased risk of cancer.

2019-04-16  · People who do not believe that blankets pose a serious threat point out that all sorts of items generate fields of their own, including televisions, computers, and various types of kitchen appliances, which emit a field far stronger than an electric blanket.

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