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10 Hideous Cabin Decor Fails You Won’t Be Able To Erase From Your Memory

cabin decor failschandlerphoto/Getty Images

We love a cozy cabin in the woods as much as anyone—give us a crackling fireplace and warm mulled cider to sip, all day long. But if you’re lucky enough to have a home in ski country, there are a few things you should know about decorating it—because it is possible to take the mountain theme too far.

We get it, you’re serious about your schussing. But that doesn’t mean every bed needs a frame made from old skis, and all the dishes don’t need to be stamped with snowflakes and trees. And don’t get us started on dead animals mounted on the wall.

Need some help determining what’s rustic chic and what’s just plain old tacky? Maybe you simply want to scroll through some epic design fails to pass the time (who could blame you?)

Well, you’re in luck! We’ve done the heavy (ski) lifting to uncover the most atrocious cabin decor out there. Read on for the biggest no-nos.

1. Way too much taxidermy

Photo by Langford Construction Co., Inc 

We see where you’re going with this: Animals live in the woods—and you live in the woods too! So, therefore, it makes sense to hang up some furry friends to complete the equation.

Alas, these severed heads with super-sad eyes are just going to creep out your family and friends. Just say no (the elks will thank you).

2. Tree-trunk furniture

Photo by Amaron Folkestad GC Steamboats Builder 

We had to rub our eyes twice when we discovered that someone had installed a set of lift chairs in their breakfast nook. If you have kids and won’t mind when they try to sway their way through their bowls of Cheerios, then you do you.

5. Trail signs

Is there nothing new under the sun in a ski cabin?


Crafty wooden signs that point you toward the guest room or loo have been done to death in most themed homes, from beach bungalows to modern farmhouses.

So of course, personalized posts are the next logical step. Watch out for those black-diamond directions—you could end up over your skis.

6. Corny ski sayings

Get it—going downhill? Groan.


“Skiing is expensive (but it’s cheaper than therapy).”

“Caution: Trees don’t move.”

“Eat. Sleep. Ski. Repeat.”

Yup, we’ve heard and read them all. Try artwork instead. Blank walls work, too.

7. Bark anything

Papery birch bark isn’t attractive, people!


Rough tree bark shouldn’t line your picture frames, mirrors, or any other home item. Ditto for birch candles. Some people may feel that these lights signal a home filled with hygge, but they’re a tad dirty and unappealing in real life.

8. Moose-print everything

This bedroom set oozes mountain vibes (and not in a good way).


You’d better love moose if you’re gonna sleep in this bed. And when you add in the faux sticks, more antlers, and a looming head on the wall, you’ve hit the trifecta for mountain home decor fails.

This bedding seems cozy enough, and it could work in a ski cabin—just remove a few moose (meese?) first.

9. Trees for days

Beware: These bottle-brush pines are scratchy to the touch.


Lined up on the mantel. On every single dresser. Oh, and check the towels, rugs, and throw pillows, too.

Everywhere you look, there are ski homes filled to bursting with trees in every shape and size. Are there no other motifs that signal mountain life? Asking for a friend.

10. Bear table

You can’t unsee this abomination.

BlackForest Decor

If you squint, you could imagine that this piece might be cute. But then you open your eyes, and realize that no amount of alcohol on that tree-trunk tabletop will make this kitschy bear seem like an appropriate home decor choice.

Sigh. If you must grab this item, relegate it to the kids’ playroom.

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6 Ways to Summer-Proof Your Home

Not only are we living through a global pandemic, but we’re also living through what is one of the hottest summers in many states. Here’s how you can protect your home from the summer heat and other woes you may face this season.

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How to prepare your home for a winter open house

The winter season can be a great time to sell your house, but while your competition is reduced, success during this time can still depend on a successful open house. To help make your open house as effective as possible, follow these tips.

  • Take down your decorations. The holidays are over, but if you’re the type that likes to leave the decorations up for a time, taking them down before your open house is a good idea. Prospective buyers may not celebrate the same holidays as you and you don’t want to alienate them.
  • Clear the clutter. If you haven’t put those holiday gifts away yet, now’s the time. Prospective buyers should be able to focus on your home instead of the collection of things crowding it. Give them nice open spaces to move about and they’ll be appreciative.
  • Turn up the heat. Warm and cozy is more than a catch phrase during the winter. Bring the temperature up in your home slightly during your open house to keep your guests comfortable. If they are too cold in your home, they aren’t apt to stay long.
  • Plan for winter apparel. Be it jackets or boots, take extra steps to prepare your entryway for the added material your buyers will bring with them. A designated spot to place these items can make guests feel welcome and keep your home cleaner during the showing and beyond.

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7 Thoughtful Gifts To Help the Essential Workers in Your Life Kick Back at Home

essential worker giftsArtistGNDphotography/Getty Images

There’s no denying that essential workers—whether they’re in health care, delivery, or staffing the grocery store—have been the real angels of 2020. No matter how you celebrate the holidays, it’s an important year to acknowledge all the ways our front-line heroes have gotten us through it.

So if you have friends or family members putting their health on the line and working long hours to keep us safe and supplied, we’ve identified some holiday gift ideas that will make their day—and possibly pin you as a hero in their eyes.

1. Instant Pot

Essential worker gifts
Instant Pot


As anyone who has ever worked long hours can attest, there’s nothing quite like having a hot meal waiting at home for you. Enter: the Instant Pot.

Your favorite essential worker will be able to cook entire entrees, soups, and even desserts with minimal prep, or just use it to speed up the cook time of those dishes that take longer, like rice or beans.

Shop the entire collection of Instant Pots (starting at $49) at Walmart.

2. Home massage kit

Essential worker gifts
Deep-tissue massage gun


While we’re not suggesting you start giving deep-tissue massages to all your friends (although they’d probably love you for it), we are offering up a pretty sweet alternative.

“My husband is a physician’s assistant at an urgent-care facility, so I’ve witnessed firsthand the things that have helped him through the pandemic,” says design blogger Jaime Huffman, of Charleston Blonde. “A massage gun is a fantastic gift for anyone, but especially for essential workers who spend all day working on their feet.”

Help them work out their aches and pains with this deep-tissue massage gun ($76).

3. Foot soak tub

Essential worker gifts
Foot spa bath massager


Ensure your essential workers give their tired feet some TLC with a massaging foot soak tub. Not only will the hot water help their muscles relax after a long day of standing or running around, but the massage feature will further treat any pain or tenderness they have. It’s also just a great way to ensure your essential workers are taking a bit of “me” time.

Try this foot spa bath massager ($49) and top it off with a few of your essential workers’ favorite magazines to read while they soak.

4. Sunrise alarm clock

Essential worker gifts
Philips SmartSleep sunrise alarm clock


While a normal alarm clock might be the last gift you want to give someone (especially someone who’s overworked these days), this alarm clock is a little different.

“Consider getting them a sunrise alarm clock, which wakes you up gently and gradually with increasing amounts of light and sound,” suggests Huffman. “This type of home decor will truly make an essential worker’s home feel like a sanctuary.”

Let this Philips SmartSleep Sunrise alarm clock ($169) add some soothing vibes to their morning routine.

5. Therapeutic bedding

Essential worker gifts
Gymax weighted blanket


Here’s another great gift to give the essential worker in your life: a good night’s sleep.

“Gift them an ergonomic pillow or a cozy throw to keep them warm during the chilly winter nights and encourage more restful sleep,” suggests Huffman. “Weighted blankets are also an excellent gift, as they stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system to calm frazzled nerves and induce deeper calm.”

Check out this Anvo memory foam pillow ($35) or this Gymax weighted blanket ($48) to help your essential worker get some much needed shut-eye.

6. Sophisticated, eco-conscious laundry soap

Essential worker gifts
The Laundress laundry detergents

The Launderess

While doing laundry typically isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time, this amazing soap might just change that.

Eco-friendly and oh, so delicious, the collection of various laundry detergents from The Laundress is sure to put some luxury back into laundry, even for the busy essential worker in your life.

But don’t just stop at one type of soap; try the company’s Best Sellers Kit ($69) so your essential worker has everything she needs to wash her work uniform and all those other delicate items in one go.

7. Favorite delivery service

Essential workers gifts
Dry Farm Wines

Dry Farm Wines

One thing your essential workers probably don’t have a lot of these days is time. Save them some by getting a gift to their favorite subscription service, so they never run out of essential favorites again.

“Hands-down, I’d recommend a gift subscription to Dry Farm Wines,” says Amanda Gates of Gates Interior Design. “I’ve had this service for three years, and the wines are all natural, with no added sulfites or sugar. No hangovers, no aches and pains, just damn good wine! Something each and every essential worker deserves.”

Give your essential worker the gift of damn good wine this season from Dry Farm Wines gifts.

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6 Products You Need to Keep Your Home Germ-free and Sanitized in 2020

Looking to turn your house into a healthy haven to protect your family from COVID-19? Try these six products to transform your space.

*Cover image sourced from Home Depot.

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How to Transition Your Kids’ Rooms

As your children grow and change, so should their bedrooms. However, if you were to revamp their rooms with every changing interest, favorite color or boy band, you would not only be spending a lot of time, but also a lot of money. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re looking to transition a child’s room as he or she continues to get older.

Start With Change in Mind

Designing a child’s nursery when you’re expecting is a fun and exciting experience. What parents may not plan for, though, are the unforeseen changes that the room might need as the child grows. Create a nursery with neutral wall colors and an open floor plan for playtime. It makes an easier transition that you can work with each changing year.

Consult With Them

When you’re planning to revamp your children’s room after a few years, make sure to consult with them. It’s likely they won’t hold back in letting you know what they want. You can enhance a child’s creativity and production levels if their rooms are filled with things that excite them.

Choose the Right Items

There are certain pieces of furniture and décor that can grow with a child. For example, a desk is a piece of furniture that can be added into a room and never seem to lose its importance, whether they’ll be endlessly creating works of art in coloring books or filling out college applications. Other items can include a classic bedframe and a monochromatic comforter.

Work Slowly but Surely

Make sure to try not to overwhelm your child with a lot of changes at once. If you’ve decided that it is time to “grow up” from the nursery, it may be best to do it little by little. Most parents choose to start with a new bed before gradually continuing to swap out the old with the new.

Remember Teen Tips

During the teen years, make sure to declutter (that garage sale money can go to their college fund), freshen up with a new paint job, and provide grown-up accessories. Allow room for self-expression, but with limits. For instance, you can frame posters instead of using thumb tacks or tape directly on the walls. A bold rug is fine for the time being, especially if it protects the carpet or floor from food spills or shoe marks.

Raising children can be one of the greatest joys in life, so make sure their room reflects that! Take these tips with you over the years and let the DIY project become a fun one you and your child can look back on.

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